winter survival clothingA true survivalist knows how to get through any situation.  At the very least, he or she possesses a good working knowledge of general tips and techniques.  One of the most important pieces of knowledge should be winter survival.  A wrong choice in a snowstorm or chill wind could mean your life.

As you've probably already guessed, the best preparation for cold weather is to make sure that you're properly clothed.  This guide takes you through each step of a solid winter survival clothing dress code.

Covering a large amount of information in easy to digest steps, the author shows you how to use a three-layer clothing system that will keep you warm in the worst conditions while having the versatility of being shed if needed.

The author also covers regulating your body temperature, what activities are best to engage in when wearing your winter gear, and the dangers of seating in a cold environment.

If you think cold weather may be in your future or would just like to be prepared for any situation, this is the guide you'll want to keep close at hand.

Topics Covered

  •  Dressing for Wilderness Survival
  • Regulating Body Temperature
  • 3-Layer Clothing System
  • Benefits of the Survival Clothing System