I’m sure boxing fans have heard of the news – Juan Manuel Marquez drinks his own urine to prepare for fights.  This video was taken as he was preparing to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. but he’s claiming that he’s done it in the past, providing good results in the last 5 or 6 fights.

Now before you start chugging down your own urine, you should ask yourself if drinking urine is safe.  What JMM’s claiming is true.  Vitamins and minerals are excreted in the urine.  However, so do a few body wastes that managed to escape body filters.

But this didn’t stop medical experts from making claims regarding its benefits.  According to them, urine can be used for beauty treatment, treating toothaches, and treating glaucoma among others.  However, these claims still remain to be proven.  Besides, there are better options than chugging down urine.  Concerned that you’re losing vitamins?  Pop another vitamin C tablet.

However, drinking urine can save your life…literally.  A 21 year old Haitian was pulled out of the rubbles alive and stable without having anything to eat for days.  He drank his own urine and that saved his life.  This is just one of hundreds, maybe even thousands of documented events of how urine was able to save someone.  Remember that you can only survive for a few days without water.  In desperate situations where you’re dehydrating and there’s no other water source, go ahead and drink it.  You can also rub it all over your body to cool down.  This can save your life.