This family fallout shelter, designed primarily for homes without basements, is a permanent home shelter to be placed inhow to build underground shelters the yard. It is designed to have a protection factor of at least 40, which is the minimum standard of protection for public shelters throughout the United States. This assures that persons inside the shelter will be protected against radioactive fallout following a nuclear attack, and will also have some protection against blast and fire effect of nuclear explosions.

Included in this guide on how to build underground shelters are detailed drawings of the shelter, which is capable of housing six adults. It can be built of poured reinforced concrete, precast concrete slabs, or a combination of concrete blocks and poured concrete. If it is built as detailed with the top near ground level, the roof slab can be used as an outdoor patio.

With this illustrated guide by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you'll learn how to build underground shelters that can withstand overpressures of up to 5psi, and  provides excellent protection from tornadoes. Since no one can really predict when these emergencies will happen, it pays off to be prepared.

Topics Covered

  • General Information
  • Guide to Contracts and Specifications
    • Excavation
    • Concrete
    • Waterproofing
    • Ventilation
  • Options
  • Notes
  • Plans
  • Modifications
  • Material List