This guide will teach you how to make homemade survival traps and snares. This guide aims to deal with easily made animal traps that are simple to make out of readily available materials.

Proper research should always be done regarding the laws in your area before attempting to fabricate your own trap!

This resource survival traps guide will teach you the basics, including:

  • How do I make box traps?
    • What are sliding wire release traps?
    • When should I use a string loop release?
    • What are pivoting wire releases?
  • What are mousetrap variants?
    • Should I use a falling cage trap?
    • When is an enlarged snap trap preferable?
    • What are spinning bird traps?
  • What are snares?
    • How can I make a basic snare?
    • What are lifting snares?
    • Should I consider a baited whip snare?
    • What is a bird foot snare?
  • How are restricted exit traps designed?
    • Should I make a baited tin trap?
    • What is a pig trap?
  • Do I need stakes, drags and earth anchors?
  • What are other miscellaneous tricks?
    • What type of predator calls should I be familiar with?

This excellent nine-page guide will teach you helpful tips about homemade survival traps. Learn to supply your family with fresh meat in survival situations – read this guide today!